How to Pick the Best Niche for Your Own Dropshipping Store

How to Pick the Best Niche for Your Own Dropshipping Store

So many people ask “where do I find the best products to start my dropshipping business?”

Finding perfect products is going to be impossible if you don’t decide WHO the products will be perfect for.

When you get started in eCommerce here’s what you THINK you will do to make money.

You are hoping to go and look at Aliexpress and find out some decent products you can easily dropship and make a couple bucks on.

If you are good then you find maybe 10-15 products that meet the criteria. Decent margin, light weight, shipped with ePacket etc.

Then you might commit the cardinal sin of eCom which is to have a general store. Remember a general store will always give you general results.

What you need to do is STOP. Stop and think.

Start to think about niches. And even before that, think about people’s problems.

Day to day problems, seasonal problems, problems at different life stages, perennial problems.

What kind of problems do you have in your life? What about your family, friends co-workers? Think of all people’s hobbies, passions, and desires.

Start with the 3 perennial problems.

The 3 main niches are Health, Wealth, and Relationships. Ultimately most businesses fall into these 3 categories. You want to help people go running to improve their health. You help people trade stocks to increase their wealth. You help people look good in great clothes to improve relationships.

Already you should see we are starting to break down into some sub niches.

Running, stocks, fashion.

Now you can start to think about some ideas for your online business. You can even go one layer deeper.

Running for moms, stock trading for busy professionals, fashion for kids.

What you want to do is get hyper focused on a group of people with a problem or desire, and you help them solve that problem or fulfil their desire. Now you have an idea for a real and lasting online business.

Or think about another way you can choose your niche, what are YOU interested in or passionate about? Are other people interested in it too? Is it a big industry? Do you spend money in that industry yourself?

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One more thing to consider – the absolute best niches are either evergreen niches or passion niches, or both.

An example of an evergreen niche is something like pets, gardening, make-up, hiking.

There will always be people interested in this kind of thing, and people that are interested rarely stop being interested. Meaning you will always have a steady stream of buyers for your products or services.

A passion niche is something that people are really passionate about and have a strong emotional connection with, they may have been doing it since they were a child with their parents such as fishing or hunting.

NOW you can start to think about the kind of eCommerce business you may like to launch, now you can head to Aliexpress and see which products your IDEAL customer might like to buy.

Seen through this lens, you will now be much more effective at sourcing products, writing sales copy and running ads to your store because you have actually thought about your target customer and their problems and desires.

Not only that, you can now start to even develop your own products, guides, videos or information products around that niche to make great offers for your customers and generate even more profits from your store.

For example

You have a general store with some random products in there such as skincare products, hair removers, a hunting knife and some jewellery. Who are you targeting? What’s your business? How can you build a brand around this?

Truth is, you almost certainly can’t. Unless you are one of the best marketers around with a huge budget for ads, you will likely lose money.

But now you can say to yourself “I’m going to help people that love running to run faster, better and more often”

Immediately you can start to find all of the best products to sell to a runner, shoes, clothes bottles, watches etc and start to make offers around this particular problem. It makes sourcing everything a whole lot easier.

Not only that, you could now make some guides, videos, training or info products and sell those to your customer and help them to solve their problems and achieve their desires, and the best thing about info products is once you’ve created them, they have a huge profit margin, and you can sell them over and over again.

So a general store is almost impossible to build a business around, and a focused, dedicated store will bring you focused, dedicated buyers and a steady stream of profits from your online business.

Dropshipping can now be used for testing products and seeing which resonate best with your customers, and when you know what works best, then you can start to white-label some products and build up your brand and business.

Finally, look to create your own products based on your best winners, and have a strong eCommerce brand rather than a dropshipping business which is difficult to defend against competition because the barriers to entry are so low.

This way you can build an online business that can last and pay you & your bills consistently for years. I hope this post helps some of you and best of luck for 2020. If you have any questions leave me a comment and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can.

Don’t have a general store.

Choose an evergreen niche.

Help people solve problems.

Dropship to test – whitelabel to optimise – create OEM to have a business.

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