Super-Effective Retargeting Ad Ideas

Super-Effective Retargeting Ad Ideas

How to write super high converting retargeting ads for your Subscription Box business.

When you are trying to sell your products online you need to pay a lot of attention to your retargeting strategy, because often this will be one of your highest converting audiences and usually at a very low CPA. Depending on cold traffic alone is risky and you could be leaving a lot of money on the table.

When we were doing our retargeting at the start, we were really basic and just creating an ad very similar to our cold traffic ad out to our retargeting audience. This got some okay results… but nothing spectacular at all.

So it’s important to have the correct strategy when retargeting your previous visitors because just either 1) having the same ad or a very similar ad or 2) having a ‘reminder to come back and purchase’ is not going to give you the optimal conversions from this audience.


Well put yourself in the customers shoes, they have gone over and checked out your website. If you have made your site or store correctly, you would have explained the benefits of your products, why they are great, and how to buy… and they have still decided not to buy from you.

Yes sometimes they have forgotten, but most of the time they just had some reason not to buy, and you didn’t answer or counter their objection sufficiently on your site or product description.

The most common objections: lack of trust, not sure if its right for them, lack of belief in whether your product is worth the price.

So how do we solve this problem and become an objection-fighting ninja? Well, in your retargeting ads you want to focus on counteracting each of your prospects’ objections that are preventing them from buying from you.

Here’s is the strategy and how we did it in our business:


We targeted our site visitors in the last 15 days. Most people do 30 day site visitors but in my opinion if someone isn’t going to buy in the first 15 days since being on your site, and after being retargeted, they are usually unlikely to buy.

That’s just my opinion so feel free to test whatever you want. You could also test top 25% of site visitors or 95% video viewers if your cold traffic ad is a video.


Our product is a subscription box for dogs and we have been running for a long time so we know what objections we get from customers and what we need to say in our ads to counter them.

If you are relatively new or you are not sure why people are not buying, here’s a great way to find out – Have an email form pop-up on your site so people can opt in when they land on your site, after 1-3 days you can email everyone via an autoresponder who didn’t purchase and ask them why they didn’t buy.

You can do it as a survey or just a simple email that says you are the founder and you are wondering what it was that made them decide not to purchase.

This one sentence email will unlock marketing gold for your business.

People will tell you why they didn’t buy from you, and after a while you will see some common responses, and these are the objections you need to fight in order to make more sales. Once you see the patterns, you can assume they are the most common reasons people are not buying.

Great, so what do we do now?

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Go back to your product descriptions, website and add in the answers or counters to these common objections. Finally, change your retargeting ads to also fight these objections. So instead of just sending out an ad with general copy, you are fighting against the exact objections people told you they were having when they replied to your email.

So the new Ad Copy –

Objection: Trust

✅ All of our products are covered by our 30 day replace or refund guarantee.

Objection: Not sure if its right for them

✅ Our customer service team are here to help with any questions you have, either before or after you purchase

Objection: Not worth the price

✅ Our products save you on average 20% vs retail prices, plus we ship right to your door with FREE delivery!

Final Tip:

Don’t forget to dial up the social proof in your retargeting ads so people know you are a real company and your other customers are really happy with your products as well!

✅ Over 500 happy reviews!

✅ As featured in blog X or magazine Y

This is the best retargeting copy format we have found and it consistently delivers us sales at a low CPA, even on days when our cold traffic campaigns are slow and expensive. Give it a try for your business and let me know how you get on!

If you have any questions let me know and I’d be happy to help 🙂

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