From Zero to Millions: Email Secrets to Transform Your Subscription Business

From Zero to Millions: Email Secrets to Transform Your Subscription Business

If you have a subscription business and you want to increase conversions on your website, I’m going to show you how these little known email marketing hacks are the perfect solution to help you do that

Are you asking yourself… Why are people not signing up? “I’m showing up, I’m posting on socials and I’m doing everything I’m supposed to be doing, but the needle is not moving! Arghhh”

It’s a common scenario. And when we first started out 7 years ago we were in the exact same boat. Working our asses off and getting 0 subscribers to show for it.

The issue I’ve seen time and time again is not your traffic, your socials or your product. Usually the problem lies on your website, namely your site is not optimised to convert.

The big problem is so many people create their website to be ‘good enough’ and then move on to the sexy stuff like marketing and rolling in all that cash.

When I offer my help a founder I never have to look too much further than their website to diagnose why they’re not getting results.

But if your site is optimised to convert, the work you do to generate traffic actually results in sales, rather than a bunch of people bouncing off your site and you stressing out all the time.

By using email to help, you’ll also create a sales system that works independently of your time, so you can make WAY more sales doing the same amount of work you’re doing now.

So here’s how to use these 3 email marketing hacks to help you convert more customers.

#1 Build your list from your site

How can building your list from your site help you convert more? Well, our email list is our highest converting channel by %. Why? People are familiar with us and they trust us enough to give us their email. They’ve seen or heard from us before, and we always send regular emails.

Secondly, if you build your list from your website visitors. The leads are free, they actually have some sort of buying intent (not freebie intent from a giveaway for example), and they have enough trust to give you their email after being on your site. These are what we call warm leads.

OK Gary, I have a popup so I’m good, right?

If you’re reading this and you have either no email capture strategy on your site, or your strategy is a newsletter signup box or a popup that almost everyone closes, then unfortunately you’re not doing nearly enough to capture emails.

Your popup likely converts below 5% if you’re doing very well. We capture 30% of our entire site traffic to email leads using a signup flow. A flow is a series of questions designed to ask customers about their preferences in relation to your box, and on step 3 or 4 you ask for their email. This converts roughly 10 TIMES better than a popup.

#2 Create sales automations that remind people to buy

The next thing we do to increase our conversions from email is to create an automation designed to send the warm leads back over to buy.

Most people don’t arrive to your site begging to buy. They don’t have their wallet out and may be skeptical about becoming a customer.

The thing that most people get wrong about online marketing is Facebook or any traffic source can only send the traffic, they can’t control that persons life, situation or actions.

If you’re relying on someone buying straight away, you’re only giving yourself ONE chance to sell to them, ever. They could be a perfect customer, but it wasn’t the perfect time. So they’re gone.

So when we have them captured as a lead, and because they have buying intent, turning them into customers is relatively simple.

Create a 4 email ‘abandoned’ sequence covering these 4 topics:

Email 1 – Sent after 45 minutes – Did you see this? (Reminder & re-state offer)

Email 2 – Sent after 1 day – What’s actually in it? (Product deep dive)

Email 3 – 1 day – What our customers say (Social proof)

Email 4 – 1 day – This is going away soon! (Urgency)


It’s not that important how beautiful the design or amazing the copy is for these emails.

The reason it works is from step 1:

  • 30% of all site traffic is entering the sequence (volume), and
  • 100% of those people have some sort of buying intent (they visited your site).

#3 Create an automation asking people why they didn’t buy

Here’s the last cool trick. Let’s say you do this and since high intent leads are now joining your list and being sent back to your site to purchase, I can pretty much guarantee your site conversion rate will increase.

Then what you do is create a new automation, with this automation it is set to trigger 30 days after someone joins your leads list and DIDN’T buy.

The automation action is to send them an email.

What do we say in this email?

“Hey, saw you took a look at my website a few weeks back, just wondering what prevented you from joining up?”

The answers you will start to receive in your inbox will be pure marketing GOLD. These are the objections people have or the questions they didn’t find the answers to when browsing your website.

What do we do with them?

Go and fix/answer them on your website, so the next person who has the same question or objection does convert.

We did this and we noticed a lot of people saying “oh my dog doesn’t like teddies, my dog is very fussy, he doesn’t eat treats”. So we went and added a guarantee to our website saying if you’re not happy we will make it right for your dog. Conversions increased immediately.

Another thing you can do is add an FAQ section to the bottom of your site with the common objections you find and this will again help quell any fears from future potential customers.

The best thing about everything in this post is, once it is built it doesn’t require any ongoing work. This is also my favourite thing about email marketing, you can literally just build it, set it and forget it.

It will work for you forever, getting you sales, helping you fix your website and making you more money from your box. It’s also the last truly FREE online marketing channel.

Our email list has delivered us well over $3 Million and it is not slowing down, in fact it’s increasing in importance for us.

If you’re not getting results from email marketing, it is simply because you’re not utilising it to your advantage.

I hope this post was helpful, if you have any questions or comments please let me know I am happy to help 🙂

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There are no shortcuts. But there are systems.

This week I’ve been stressing about content, writing it is one thing.

Editing it, formatting it and scheduling it are all added jobs that don’t create nearly as much value as creating it. 

But it all needs to be done.

It made me spend some time diving into content calendars and schedulers, and I think I have a system down for creating, repurposing and posting content to the online platforms.

It got me thinking about systems, which I mention in today’s marketing tip.

There is no SHORTCUT to success, but you can build SYSTEMS that help make the journey smoother.

The results we generate from things like email marketing are the result of a system. The system must be built, but it runs then forever.

If we had to manually say, move everyone between lists, remember to email them to buy, et etc 

It would take a crazy amount of time. 

What you want to find is leverage. Automate systems. Hire help. Find one thing that works and do nothing else but that.

You can’t simply skip to the success you want, but if you can find something that works, your job is to create a system so it repeats itself.

Our sub-box marketing system is right here to swipe:

  1. Optimise your website to convert
  2. Set up and automated email capture & sales sequence
  3. Drive traffic that actually converts (via ads)

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