Subscription Box Tips #2: Tips and Insights for Your Business Success

Subscription Box Tips #2: Tips and Insights for Your Business Success

This is issue #2 of Subscription Box Tips with me, Gary Redmond. Inside you will find actionable tips, insights and hopefully some good advice to help you improve your Subscription Box Business this week.

Here’s what I have for you this week:

  1. This week’s marketing tidbitIf you want to get more people to convert on your website, make sure your box looks amazing. You need high res, bright images that make your box look full, valuable and exciting. It’s better to make it look better on your site then it may look when delivered, than to (inadvertently) make it look worse on the website, which means visitors won’t sign up. People won’t give you a 2nd chance. If it looks bad they think it is bad. The tragedy I see is most people have a good box, but lack design skills to make their website actually sell it well.
  2. Breakthrough in BusterBox – This week we created a process to try and upsell our customers on to our own brand of dog food. We’ve tried a few ways in the past and the most effective has been 1-1 calls, which myself and my co-founders used to do ourselves in 2019. Thankfully now we can hire some help, so we’re going to get our CS agents to give it a try via email and WhatsApp, and allow potential customers to book a food consultation call. Why is this useful? Do you have a higher tier or premium subscription you could offer to make more money? Maybe contacting your customers and getting them to sign up for it could completely change your business?
  3. Books I’m reading – I’m currently listening to the 80/80 marriage by Kaley Klemp and Nate Klemp PhD. I am not married but I have been with my girlfriend for 6 years so I suppose I better break the ring out soon.

I’m liking this book because it drew my attention to something called the availability bias, “which is basically just a fancy way of saying that when it comes to me, all of my contributions to our marriage are totally self-evident. I know exactly what I’ve done. I know all the plates that I’ve taken out of the dishwasher, all of the contributions to our marriage. But when it comes to what Kaley’s done, it gets really fuzzy.” –

Basically what it means is something I’m usually guilty of, assuming I am doing everything around the house or in planning trips or something like that. I only think that because I only see what I do, I don’t see what my girlfriend does, so it always feels like I do more.

When we ended up fighting about it, I noticed a couple of times that I didn’t really have an argument when she drew attention to everything she had done. This book helped me to challenge my assumption of our relationship and I like that. Always good to keep yourself in check.

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  1. Lesson I learned this week

You need to get serious about planning your goals and dreams. I just started playing around with Dan Koe’s planner which allows you to create quarterly, monthly, weekly and daily goals. You start with your grand 20 year aspirations and the ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ – Where are you going? Why are you going there?

Then we go to monthly, what habits and routines do you need to have in order to achieve those goals?

Weekly, what focuses, tasks, and actions do you need to be maintaining on a weekly basis, starting with this week?

Finally daily, your to-do list should now be easy to fill in. What tasks, to-dos and habits do I need to follow? It is based on your weekly, monthly and quarterly goals which should all lead to the final destination you are aiming for.

I started doing this starting from last week and it has really helped me align my life and my work with my life’s purpose. I highly recommend it.

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6. My most liked Social Post I liked this week 

The most common mistake I see new Sub Box founders make…

Jumping into ads before:

  1. Optimising their site to convert
  2. Setting up email marketing systems

Ads don’t work, money gets burned

Founders get scared

This fear can hold you back for years

Source: experience.

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That’s it for this week, I’ll chat to you next time!

PS – If you’re stuck on anything with your sub box, feel free to reply to me here and I’ll do my best to help.

Keep up the good work!

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