Subscription Box Tips #5 – The Value of Consistency: Adding More Perks to Your Subscription Box

Subscription Box Tips #5 – The Value of Consistency: Adding More Perks to Your Subscription Box

Welcome back to issue #5 of Subscription box tips with me, Gary Redmond.

I hope you’re enjoying my newsletter, bringing you my best tips and thoughts for your subscription box business. This week I was late to get to my newsletter but we just made it in time, hope you like it. Let’s dive in!

P.S – Just 8 days until my course re-opens – Keep your eyes peeled

This week’s marketing tidbit:

People use money as a catch-all excuse to get out of your subscription. They will say your box is too expensive while typing on their $1200 iPhone.

What they really mean is they don’t see the VALUE in continuing to receive your box. They think they’re money would be better spent elsewhere – it’s your job to convince them otherwise. Let’s face it, decreasing the price is probably impossible in current times, in fact you may need to increase your price – but that’s for another email.

You can still increase the value of your subscription by offering other perks or add-ons, such as a community (FB group or similar), information (free talks, PDFs, courses), or partner benefits or discounts from other businesses etc.

A lot of these things can also be created once and given to all new customers and current customers without needing to be made again. For example we offer a FREE video vet service to all of our customers as a free perk for being signed up.

How could you offer more value outside of your box to your customers? Think outside the box 😉

Lesson I learned this week

What separates the successful from the unsuccessful is consistency. In terms of my personal brand, my problem in the past was if I got too busy I would forget to produce content, make social posts, or write newsletters.

It’s only when you consistently show up that you build up momentum and that consistency is what generates results. You can be working in the dark for years before you see the light, but all the time you’re learning and improving so when you start to see results, they come big and fast.

Same with BusterBox, or your own sub box business. You need to be ready to turn up every day and try again and again to solve the same problems, not simply skip over it and do something else. Whether its marketing, metrics, profitability or whatever – you need to keep coming back and staying consistent.

Try things, fail, assess and try again from another angle, if you’re completely stuck/lost my course is coming out in 8 days – definitely join the waitlist if you’re interested.

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My most liked Social Post I liked this week 

📣 Sub Box Founders

Here are the best sales channels that work:

 – Email Marketing

– Paid Ads

– Affiliates

– Partnerships

– Influencers

– Social Media posting

 👆 In that order

 Figure out the top 2 and you’ll grow much faster

 Most people start with the bottom 2

 You? 🤔


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