The Pareto Principle: How to Achieve 80% of Your Results with 20% Effort

The Pareto Principle: How to Achieve 80% of Your Results with 20% Effort

What are the 20% of your activities that bring 80% of the results?

This is called the Pareto principle

It essentially means most people spend 80% of their time doing things that bring 20% of their results

I used to do a lot of one thing – blogging

When we first launched BusterBox almost 7 years ago we had no skills, no clue and no hope LOL

I used to spend my days writing blog articles, with the vague idea that we would start to generate traffic from SEO or by posting the articles on social media.

We could then turn that traffic into email leads which in turn would later become sales

Here’s why it doesn’t work (in the short term anyway)

The numbers are stacked against you

Amount of time required to write 3x articles per week – 18 hours

Amount of readers – 1000

Amount of leads collected – 60

Amount of sales from those leads – 1-2 (if we were very lucky)

Simply not everyone who sees your article on Facebook or Google will click it and read it

Even less people will read it and join the list

And even less will buy from the list anytime soon

So I spent 80% of my time doing something that got very little results

Now what we do is:

Run ads at our website and have our signup flow on the site

Run a great offer which generates interest – encouraging people to sign up

Of those who move down our flow 2% of them buy right away, 30% of them become email leads

Once on our email list, 5% of the list converts into customers over the next 30-90 days

Amount of time/effort required.

Come up with the offer – 2 hours

Get it on our website – 5 hours

Create the ads – 3 hours

Set up automations – 3 hours

Email 2-3x weekly to the entire list – 4 hours

Total – 17 hours

So I spend less time on this strategy…

What’s the results?

Well let’s take 1000 of the people that click our ads

2% convert on first view

30% become email subscribers

5% convert later (for free as email has no further cost)

1000 people becomes

20 subs

+300 email leads

Which then become 45 subs over the next 90 days

@ 5% email conversion rate

Total subs = 65 from every 1000 visitors

Increase traffic = more subscribers

Pro tip: the other 255 email leads don’t disappear. They stay on our list for 1-10 years. They can buy at any time. They can buy something else from us. They can be dormant for years before buying anything. We still have them as a lead.

This is why building a system is the #1 most effective thing you can do to grow your box. 

I’ve said it many times but every single person I’ve ever worked with who’s not getting the results they want always ALWAYS has a problem in 1 or more of these categories:

  1. Optimize your website to convert (imagery, copy, design, offer, social proof)

  2. Set up an email capture and sales sequence (Signup flow, automations 2-3x weekly broadcast)

  3. Drive Traffic via ads (research competitors, build ads around your offer, create hooks to grab attention)

Every single time.

Every single time.

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What is your why?

Are you suffering from procrastination?

Ask yourself this question: why did I start my business?

What do I want to achieve

What is my end goal

Why are those my goals?

Why do I want to achieve that?

When you think deeply about it – it becomes about family, love, freedom and happiness

Financial freedom, a happy family, respect, comfort and contentment

Those are some seriously big goals to go after in life

If I were you I would write them down

Put them on a notepad either digitally or in paper form

Refer back to them often

When things get tough, and when things are good

Remember your why

It can light a fire under your ass when you got discouraged, lazy or too busy scrolling Instagram instead of putting the work in (I do this BTW)

Remember your goals – only you can achieve them.

People can help along the way but no-one will carry you

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