Unlock 40% More Profit in 2 Weeks: The Power of Email Marketing in E-commerce

Unlock 40% More Profit in 2 Weeks: The Power of Email Marketing in E-commerce

Do you want to make 40% more profit from your online business

In the next 2 weeks?

Without chasing more customers or spending thousands on ads?

To start building the business that repays all of your effort?

It’s tragic that while 89% of online businesses utilise email marketing…

Too often I talk to founders who have terrible returns from their emails

Particularly in e-commerce / subscription box brands 

My big idea for today 💡

Email is the key to turning profit from your online business

Here’s why:

  1. Traffic that you own

If you focus on your list you’re covering yourself against the mishaps of online business

No one can ban you from your email list

Algorithms can’t destroy your business overnight

This list is yours and it’s your most valuable resource

  1. Free to send emails

Think about it, email is the last truly free online marketing channel

Everyone else wants their dime from you if you want to reach their users

Email marketing is a free, on-demand rush of traffic to your website or offers at the push of a button

  1. Personal & personalised

Most people are hesitant to whip out their caged and buy straight forma Facebook ad

However in their inbox is more personal, safe and likely to get more attention than when scrolling the newsfeed

This is why its the perfect place to follow up or introduce new offers to subscribers

You can also address people by name and even segment based on preferences, giving a personal touch

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  1. High converting

Your email list should be your highest converting channel by %

People are familiar with you, they’ve seen you around and they trust you enough to give you their email

While building your list can take time, it will repay the investment many times over 

Through higher conversions and even re-buying and upselling of more products you introduce

  1. Repeatable

The more you build your list, the more traffic you will generate to your offers

If you come upon with new products or offers, the best place to test them pout?

Yep, your email list

You can continue to mine this resource over and over again and it will continue to repay your efforts for however long you run your online business

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