Unlocking the Email Marketing Goldmine: Tips for Subscription Business Success

Unlocking the Email Marketing Goldmine: Tips for Subscription Business Success

SL: Sick of wasting time? Me too

Feel like you’re wasting time writing emails for your subscription business?

Not getting the results you need?

You’re not alone.

But when done correctly, email marketing can be a goldmine. Let’s talk about how to do it effectively. 🧵👇

A common scenario: Hours spent crafting newsletters, but very few sales in return.

The issue? Not using an email marketing system.

First, you need a fresh supply of leads.

The best way? A signup flow.

Ask relevant questions before presenting subscription options. This method is far more effective than popups and other tactics.

Our flow captures up to 30% of all of our traffic as an email lead

It is literally 10X better than a popup

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  1. Second, set up an Automated Follow Up Sequence. Most people don’t buy on the first viewing.

    Follow up emails can nudge potential customers towards conversion.

    (And sell while you’re not at the PC)

    Third, have a consistent strategy of sending sales emails.

    These emails have one purpose: to drive the recipient back to your site and prompt them to sign up.

    They’re vital, so don’t shy away from them.

    To keep things interesting, frequently change up your designs & offers


    Change up designs, try both image-heavy and text-based emails, keep up with current events.

    Holidays, celebrity scandals, weather

    Keep your emails fresh, engaging, and relevant.

    Lastly, never underestimate the power of email marketing. 

    It’s a thriving channel that can reward you massively if done right.

    Our highest converting channel is our email list and it has made $3 Million in sales (for free) in the last 7 years

    If it’s not working well for you, it’s not that email is dead.

    You may just need to read this post again or contact me

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