Unlocking Your Productivity: The Power of Deep Work and Achieving Goals

Unlocking Your Productivity: The Power of Deep Work and Achieving Goals

Book I’m reading – Deep Work by Cal Newport

I’d read this book around 4 years ago but came back to it this week. I listen to audiobooks rather than read – I get them in on my almost daily walks around Malahide castle here in Dublin.

The book makes the argument that the most valuable type of work is deep work – the type where you lock yourself in a room or cut yourself off and actually WORK on something. 

For Sub box founders like us, this could be writing a sales email, building a website, or landing page or funnel, creating new ads, writing a business plan, working out projections etc.

Essentially doing work of Value that has a result at the end. This is the opposite of shallow work which usually involves the exchange of information but no value created at the end of it. An example would be meetings, emails, instant messaging and browsing the internet.

Oftentimes this is not just blindly procrastinating and scrolling Facebook, because if I fail to schedule deep work blocks I can sometimes find myself reactive all day. Replying to our team members, checking email 5x per hour (waiting to see something that needs to be replied to instead of doing Deep work).

So I decided to get back into this book because one of my goals for 2023 is to become more productive, with at least 4 hours of deep work per day on value producing activities.

My other goals are:

  • Start getting up earlier to get more hours in the day
  • Explore how to sell our Sub Box business
  • Get 100 subscribers on Formify by March 31st
  • At least 4 hours deep work per day
  • Write 60 Mins per day
  • Start a podcast
  • Post a video on YouTube at least 1x per week
  • Grow my social following to 5000 followers

In general I want to try and optimise and improve in the year to come. I’m not one for throwing out everything and starting afresh every January because usually you create unsustainable habits that are forgotten by Feb 1st.

I already have a lot of good habits like working out in the morning before work, getting out for a walk most days, eating healthy, sleeping well and drinking less.

So back to deep work, make sure the work you are doing is valuable – and my advice would be to add this – do work that gets you growth and subscribers. Sometimes you can spend a full week doing a ton of work and then look at your subscriber count and it hasn’t moved an inch. Working hard on the right things is hard enough, working hard on the wrong things is wasting your life.

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Ever heard of the copywriting term Feature, Benefit, Meaning?

I heard this in a great book called copywriting secrets by Jim Edwards.

So I bought a Dyson hoover (vacuum cleaner) this week. It got me thinking about how most founders can always talk about the features and products of their box but fail to connect the dots to the benefits.

Everyone has on their website, oh my box has X feature or this cool thing inside…

But what is the benefit & meaning?

People buy the benefit of your product, not the product itself.

Read that again.

So what’s the reason I bought a Dyson…

Was it the long battery life? No

6 cleaning heads for all areas of the house? No

Got the brand name to look cool to friends? No

I bought it for one reason only – it saves me time

I bought more time.

I didn’t even look at the list of features to be honest – I don’t care

The main features that got me to buy were – It’s cordless. It has strong suction.

The benefit I wanted was – ‘You can get your whole place cleaned in a few minutes, without struggling with cords or going over the same areas again’

The meaning (the reason people buy) – You’ll be back on your PC making money in 5 minutes flat

So I managed to connect the dots myself, but most consumers don’t put that much effort into it when they land on your website.

It’s up to YOU to make it easy for them to see WHY they should buy 

What’s the feature? Cool and exciting products for your kids to enjoy

Benefit – They will get screen-free fun time and learn something new along the way.

Meaning  – You will feel like a successful parent, the other parents you know will think you’re really clever for buying this cool box, you’ll give your kids a head start in life and education. 

(Could even be – you’ll get an extra 15 minutes to enjoy your coffee while the kids are busy – who knows?)

People don’t want a box of stuff – they want that feeling, that benefit, that meaning. Make sure you’re making it clear on your site WHY someone should buy.

Pro tip: make the meaning emotional to really suck people in. (Happy, content, relaxed, excited)

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