Maximizing Q4 Profits: No Ad Spend Needed

Maximizing Q4 Profits: No Ad Spend Needed

If you want to massively boost your Sub Box profits in the next 2 months, without spending a cent on ads…

So you can have a brilliant end to the year with plenty of cash lying around.

This guide will show you how.

We’ve always been acutely aware of the potential to maximise profits in Q4. Halloween, Thanksgiving (in the US), Black Friday & Christmas. All massive opportunities to leverage the assets you have available to turn social followers, emails or past subscribers into buyers.

If you’re sitting there wondering. “How could I turn Q4 into a sales rush for my subscription business?”

I hear you…

In the last few years we’ve managed to bump our sales by $30-$50,000 in additional one-time sales during Oct – Dec. Meaning we turn excess stock into cash, make the year’s books a lot healthier and give ourselves and our team a nice Christmas bonus!

There’s absolutely no reason why you can’t do it too!


Upselling your current customers, or maximising sales from your email list is the key to a healthy and profitable subscription business. Email marketing can even allow you to automate much of the actual selling so you can make money on autopilot.


The problem is many people don’t know what to sell, how to position it, and how to get it in front of enough people to make some big bank this Christmas. Luckily for you, this guide will be your solution.

If you effectively implement what you read today you could be enjoying your festive period with a nice wad of cash under your pillow and more importantly, some critical skills to help you keep selling to your customers in 2024 and beyond.


In this guide, I will break down these 5 actionable tips to maximise sales from your current customers and list this Q4.


  1. What to sell

Gather up your excess stock. Throughout the year you have probably ended up with a lot of excess stock lying around, I know we do. We even have some toys left over from last Christmas we can use again.

If you need to order some stock to fill things out, that’s normal. This is our prime time to profit from everything we have sitting around.

Here’s what we do:

  • Turn them into hampers of varying value/price

We order gift baskets and nice packaging and decide on 2/3 different tiers of Christmas gift baskets/hampers we can make. We price them up to make at least a 50% margin, and we also want to charge a relatively high price.

This time of year people go crazy and are willing to spend a lot more than they usually would. 

We’re also making it super easy for someone to impress a friend, their dog or their kids whatever you sell. They just click one button and pay us, we’ll deliver them an amazing gift with no extra effort.

We price ours between £75 – £120. We used to sell one in Ireland for €139.99 that came with a new dog bed. (our boxes sell for around £25-30)

  • Make a Christmas mystery box

Plenty of people will hang around your social channels and email list and never sign up for your subscription. That’s just the way it is, some people will just never be convinced.

That’s OK! Especially when it comes to Christmas time you can sell them one-off products instead.

The best one to sell them is a Christmas box or a Christmas mystery box. (the word mystery seems to drive up conversions quite a lot).

Package up some of your old products, along with some Christmas-themed items or even just Christmas packaging EG red tissue paper, and a Christmas card. You’ve got yourself a mystery Christmas box baby!

Sell it for 20-30% more expensive than your box (you can add in some extra products to bump up the value). This time of year people are more concerned with getting more stuff than a lower price.

We’re all in a buying frenzy and it’s about making a big splash when Christmas comes. All this means people will pay more, so charge more.

  • Think of what else your customers would love

The final type of Christmas offer we can make is, finding things totally outside of your box but within what your customers would be interested in. For example, we sell dog toys in a box. What else would a dog parent need that is either too big or too expensive to come in the box?

Dog beds, dog collars & leads, portraits of your dog, automatic treat dispensers.

Bonus tip: create vouchers that people can redeem in your store or subscription website. Perfect for a last-minute gift and also a great email to send right up to Christmas when it’s too late to ship anything.

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  • Make them Christmas-themed.

The final step when you’ve created your offers and decided what to sell is to turn them into Christmas presents. So if you can include any Christmas-themed items, packaging or even a Christmas card could do it. The more Christmassy you can make it feel though, the better.

  1. Sell them

Current customers:

The best thing about this time of year is you can leverage your customer base to encourage them to give you more money. Here’s how to get these offers in front of your customers with ease:

Send store emails

We send a weekly email to our online store (not our subscription website) where we give an unbelievable offer on the gift products we made. If you priced them correctly with a 50%+ margin you can afford to give a bit of a discount or toss in a free gift with purchase. You don’t always need an offer but it always helps.

Yes Emails

We send another weekly ‘Yes’ email where we highlight one product and ask customers to reply yes to add it to their next shipment. We then create an order and attach it to their monthly subscription.

This reduces friction for the customer and therefore it converts extremely well. But you can only choose one product at a time to ask them to buy.


On the last Friday of each month, you can send an SMS to your current customers linking to your online store. We create a special Christmas collection in the store so they can find all the gifts there and link the SMS to it.

Black Friday/Cyber Monday is also a good day for an SMS blast. Most people hang around until then waiting for a deal, so again your offer here is key. If you can come up with a fantastic offer and send it out on the best-selling day of the year, you’re golden!

Don’t forget: Sell to dormant leads

People may hang around on your socials and email list and never sign up for your box. They will buy one-off gifts though, so the store emails and the SMS could also go to your leads list (if you have their phone numbers).

This is a great way to turn your email list into cash.


When we figured out how to effectively drive more sales down our customer pipeline, we managed to turn November and December into our most profitable months of the year for the past 7 years running. 

My course students are also experiencing fantastic wins and bumping their profit margins by implementing these strategies which I’ve just shared with you.

Follow what I’ve laid out here and let’s all make bank this Q4!

I hope this guide was helpful please let me know if you got value from it.

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