Restarting My Subscription Business: Lessons from 10,000 Subscribers

Restarting My Subscription Business: Lessons from 10,000 Subscribers

I started my first online business (subscription box) in 2016 with no prior experience 

Since then, I’ve…

  • Scaled to 10,000 monthly subscribers
  • Sold over $10M online
  • Taught my techniques to over 100 other founders
  • Made a ton of mistakes along the way


If I can do it, there’s no reason why you can’t too

If I had to go from 0 – 10,000 again, here’s what I’d do:

  1. Optimise My Website to Convert

This part is easy to skip because when I created my site initially I was at the beginning phase of my business

I (along with my co-founders) wanted to get the site made, get some sales in and make improvements later

This fails ❌

…Because if my site is not optimised to convert

It WON’T convert…

I’d end up wasting my time money and energy on driving traffic and still, no one would sign up

To optimise it I’d start with these:

>Clear high-res imagery

>Good quality site design

>Emotion and benefit-driven copy (what result do you sell?)

>How it works

>What exactly do I get

>Social proof & good reviews

AND the most critical part…

>A strong offer

  1. Get serious about my Email Strategy

Relying solely on Facebook or any ad platform to send me buyers who are ready to buy is a quick way to lose my money

People may come and look but most are not ready to buy right away

Some hot prospects do buy – but not many

My goal is to capture the warm people to follow up with them later

I will do this using email and SMS capture points or even better use a signup flow to capture both

Join my Newsletter

Now I have got 2/3 sales channels instead of just one, and the cost to reach the email and SMS list is also tiny compared to ad traffic

I would then create 3 AUTOMATED email sequences:

  1. I’d create an email automation to remind people to buy
  2. I’d create a customer welcome survey to find out who my buyers are and why they buy (so I can refine my marketing messaging)
  3. I’d ask non-buyers what kept them on the fence (so I can further optimise my site by busting these objections)


Next the final step…

  1. Master my Traffic

The mistake I and most people make is they continue to focus on this part without doing the previous steps

So I ran more ad tests and lost more money, eventually got discouraged & contemplated quitting many times

I would now know not to focus on traffic until I did the previous work that leads to conversions

Once I have the first 2 steps in place I have a high chance the ads I run will work

I’d go to the Facebook ad library and research the top players in my industry

I’d model my ads off the best competitors in my niche (hooks, creatives, copy, CTA, offers)

I’d focus on my OFFER in my ads & emails

The better the offer, the more interest and traffic I’ll generate

If I still struggled to get results, I’d improve the offer and try again

I hope this helps!

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